I'm a self-taught wedding photographer based in London, Ontario, Canada who left the teaching profession in 2012 and never looked back.   I feel very grateful to wake up each day & wear my passion.  Over the past few years I have photographed nearly 150 weddings, worked internationally, pushed the limits of my comfort zone on all levels, & met some pretty incredible people along the way. I still consider myself extremely fresh in the industry, and am eager to see the rest of this journey unfold as I develop as an artist.  


Originally from North Bay, Ontario, you could say I’m a Northern girl with big city dreams.  My love for nature stems from spending my summers as every Canadian should - lakeside on a boat soaking up the sun, listening to great tunes, surrounded by the people that I love.  I believe in life balance. And that everyone defines balance differently. I love a killer sunset, am a sucker for fashion, look forward to time spent with girlfriends & a good glass of wine.   I believe in creating your own happy ending by surrounding yourself with those who bring out the best in you, smashing goals and never losing yourself in anything.  I'm a wanderlust soul who craves travel & adventure, but loves family & the coziness of home.  To me, the four best doctors are exercise, nutrition, time in nature and laughter.  I'm big on energy and following intuition.  I’m determined.  I'm driven.  And I'm a dreamer.  I’m the lucky mother of two beautiful children and they have my whole heart. 



Although my nostalgic appreciation for photographs can be traced back to a house fire that destroyed nearly all images of my childhood, my path in life was completely changed after getting my first DSLR camera.  I was completely hooked by the challenges of the craft and it wasn't long before I discovered this was my true passion and calling.  Life takes you down roads that lead you towards your destiny – you just have to be brave enough to take risks, embrace opportunity and work hard.   Recently, I have started teaching photography workshops to aspiring photographers.  Currently, I'm focusing on building an international wedding portfolio.  This past season I photographed weddings in the Caribbean & Italy.  The 2018 has us shooting weddings on location in Jamaica, Sedona, Arizona and the Canadian Rockies.  And I just booked a wedding in Nova Scotia for 2019.  Eeeek! Is this real life?  I am so excited to see where this passion takes us next.   



My photography style reflects my spirit, beliefs, interests and how I see the world. My work is a creative mix of photojournalism & portraiture, an equal balance of contemporary & a timeless, romantic style drawing inspiration from my love of nature, fashion & what I view as beautiful. My goal is to capture the story of your wedding day with a focus on quality, beauty, genuine emotion, memorable moments, and of course, LOVE! 



My approach with my clients is professional, service-oriented, and fun! I make myself available to assist my brides with all aspects of the planning process from generating timelines, sourcing locations & recommending my favorite vendors.  While shooting, I create a comfortable atmosphere by providing lots of direction and use a splash of humor to keep things real.  I work candidly for the most part, but do step in occasionally to ensure images best reflect my clients & business.  And that nostalgic appreciation for photographs?  I take it with me to each wedding knowing I’m capturing your legacy for you & the generations after you.

So come & join me on this adventure & lets create some magic together.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Love & Light,